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01.Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life 3rd Ed.
02.The Surprising Purpose of Anger
03.Parenting From Your Heart
04.We Can Work It Out
05.Humanizing Health Care
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Anger, Guilt, and Shame eBook
An outstanding book full of insight, beautifully written and thoroughly researched. I think this will be a valuable read for anyone interested in NVC ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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Affiliate Program FAQ
Affiliate Program Information and Frequently Asked Questions Affiliate Program Information and Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this info so that you may be better informed about the Affiliate Program.

If there is additional information you would like to see listed here or if you have any other questions please use our Store Contact Form to let us know. 

Please note that due to tax laws in the following states, if you live in one of these states you MAY NOT participate in our affiliate program:
Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island.

Please click the following entries to learn more about our program:


Your Affiliate Account

How do I become affiliate?

Please note that due to tax laws in the following states, if you live in one of these states you MAY NOT participate in our affiliate program:
Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island.

First, potential affiliates must read and accept our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, then complete our online application form.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a customer account in our store please sign into that account before you start the process of creating your affiliate account using our online application form. Signing into your store account first will link the two account together and you will not have to fill out fields that are already part of your store account information.

After reading the Affiliate Agreement, visit our New Affiliate page and create your account. We will need your United States Social Security Number or business Tax ID, as we adhere to all U.S. tax laws and federal regulations regarding reporting of income.

Please fill out our application completely, including all payment information that we will need to make payments to you for sales that are generated through your affiliate links.

Your application will be reviewed after it is submitted and you will receive an email message letting you know if it has been approved. In the meantime you can read our online information on how to get started and create links that can then be placed on your website. After your account is approved you will be given access to a number of tools that will help you create links for your website.

The whole process is easy, fast, and free.

Are affiliates considered employees and are taxes withheld from their earnings?

No, affiliates are not employees and are considered independent contractors. As such they are subject to the tax laws that govern independent contractors for the state where they do business. We do not withhold taxes from affiliate earnings, and it is their responsibility to pay taxes on the money they earn as affiliates in our program.

We do submit tax reports on all affiliate earnings that are required by federal law. If you are a US citizen and do not provide us with a valid tax ID your account will not be approved, you will not be paid commissions for any referrals, and your account will be subject to deletion.

How do I change my Account Information?

Click on "Login to your affiliate account" under affiliate page. Once there click on "Edit Affiliate Details" and change your account details.

If I have any problems with my affiliate account who should I contact?

If you have any questions or problems with your affiliate account use the Affiliate Contact Form located in your Affiliate Account area and we will respond quickly.

How can I check my Affiliate account statistics?

Simply log in to your affiliate account with your email and password to gain access to your statistics. In the Affiliate Reports area you will find a detailed account of your referral activity and the sales that were generated via your affiliate links.

What should I do if a customer contacts me?

Depending on the nature of the request, for order related issues such as payment or fulfillment, the customer's emails should be forwarded to us at our email address you receive in response to creating your affiliate account.

What should I do if I have more questions or need help?

If you have additional questions regarding the Affiliate Network, please contact us using the Affiliate Contact form available inside your account area.