Nonviolent Communication™ Skills Improve Family Relationships

“Fear of corporal punishment obscures children's awareness of the compassion underlying the parent's demands.”

- Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Nonviolent Communication skills improve family relationships by facilitating interactions where compassion and empathy supersede behavior management. The result is a loving environment of trust, safety, and emotional security for parents and children, as well as mutual understanding with current or former spouses/partners in co-parenting situations.

Nonviolent Communication skills also improve family relationships because NVC emphasizes active non-judgement and mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone. This is extremely important because family relationships tend to be the deepest connections many human beings consciously experience during the course of their lives.

Unfortunately, emotional depth can feel very painful when misunderstandings, miscommunications, and even violent power struggles arise between family members who disagree on very personal things like life decisions, lifestyle choices, or specific behaviors and actions. By using Nonviolent Communication skills in parenting and family relationships, we can learn to heal existing unhealthy and unpleasant situations, and also prevent future situations from occurring.

What is Nonviolent Parenting or Respectful Parenting?

What is nonviolent parenting, also called “respectful parenting,” and how can it transform relationships between family members?

Nonviolent parenting is a method of creating an egalitarian, community-minded home space. In this space, the needs and feelings of each member are given an equal platform for expression and acceptance. Nonviolent parenting can transform relationships by helping us focus on the values and needs underlying family members' behaviors that are difficult for us. Respectful parenting can improve family relationships by helping:

  • Move beyond power struggles to cooperation and trust
  • Express and hear feelings without blame or judgement
  • Help get everyone’s needs met without coercion or fear
  • Nurture a child’s self-esteem, autonomy, and emotional growth
  • Work for a child’s highest good with current and/or former spouses/co-parents/partners

Would you like to learn more about how you can improve family relationships with nonviolent parenting? We invite you to read up on NVC and respectful parenting


Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC Parenting and Family Advice

Dr Marshall Rosenberg founded and dedicated his impassioned voice to the Nonviolent Communication revolution. He worked tirelessly to help parents, children, and families across the world better understand, empathize with, and care about each other individually, and as the one large global family we all truly are. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC parenting and family advice is from his heart to you and your loved ones:

“I believe that, as human beings, there are only two things that we are basically saying at any given time: “please” and “thank you.” The language of NVC is set up to make our “please” and “thank you” very clear so that people do not hear anything that gets in the way of our giving to each other from the heart.”

- Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

We invite you to read more of Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC parenting and family advice.

PuddleDancer Press Family Relationships Books

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"Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids shows parents how to get the best results for their children with tools that are neither punitive nor permissive."

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., author of Positive Discipline A-Z (Positive Discipline Library)

Living Nonviolent Communication Through Empathic Parenting

Living nonviolent communication through empathic parenting is totally achievable. To this end, so is living nonviolent communication in every other area of our daily lives too…. including:

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