“NVC gives people a way of listening so others feel not just heard, but understood.”

- Thomas Gordon, Parent Effectiveness Training

“It would be hard to list all of the kinds of people who can benefit from reading these books, because it’s really any and all of us.”

- Michael Nagler, Is There No Other Way?

“Applying the concepts within these books will guide the reader towards fostering more compassion in the world.”

- Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

“These dynamic communication techniques transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues.”

- John Gray, Ph.D., Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“NVC is one of the most useful things you will ever learn.”

- William Ury, Getting to Yes

“NVC provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships.”

- Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within

“These books are worth their weight in gold.”

- Jan Hunt, The Natural Child

“I believe the principles and techniques in NVC can literally change the world!”

- Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“No matter what issue you’re facing, NVC will set you up to win every time.”

- Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“NVC gives people a way of listening so others feel not just heard, but understood.”

- Thomas Gordon, Parent Effectiveness Training

The Global Reach of Nonviolent Communication

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the world. There are hundreds of certified NVC trainers, hundreds more independent trainers and practice facilitators, and approximately 30 formal NVC teams and organizations providing access to NVC training in 35 countries around the globe.

More than 40 books, and over 15 audio and video training materials have been published on NVC. Marshall Rosenberg's internationally acclaimed Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life has sold over 1,000,000 copies in more than 30 languages around the world.

Around the world, NVC has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies, government offices, schools, hospitals, university MBA and communication curriculum, community mediation centers, anger management programs, peace advocacy and social change advocates, inmate rehabilitation programs and more.

Text Box: IMAGE: aboutnvc_reach.gifThe Center for Nonviolent Communication

Founded by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in 1984, the Center for Nonviolent Communication is a global nonprofit peacemaking organization based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Each year the organization coordinates several 9-day NVC international intensive training sessions. They also support several regional and theme-based NVC projects around the globe, aimed at improving access to NVC training in high-need areas, or to support the integration of NVC in certain applications like education, prisons or social change. Learn more at www.cnvc.org

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“In NVC you will find an amazingly effective language for saying what’s on your mind and in your heart."

- Vicki Robin, co-author, Your Money or Your Life Revised and Updated for the 21st Century